Water Tank Hill/St George

The Water Tank Hill deposit lies 1.5km west of the town of Mt Magnet and 4.5km from the Checkers mill. The deposit was mined as a small shaft access underground in the early 1980’s and subsequently as an open pit in 2004 -2005. The deposit is located 300m west of the St George deposit which was mined by open pit and then underground methods between 2004 and 2007.

 Gold mineralisation at the Water Tank Hill deposit occurs within a fold and fault thickened portion of the Banded Iron Formation host rocks.

Current Ore Reserves, released in September 2014, have a combined total for Water Tank Hill and St George of 335,000 tonnes @ 4.9 g/t for 53,000 ounces (refer ASX Release; ‘Resources and Reserves Statement’ 10/9/2015).

Mining will commence in the December 2016 quarter. The St George decline will be re-accessed and then a linking decline and ventilation drive will be mined to access the Water Tank Hill ore zone. During development and mining of Water Tank Hill, St George remnant reserves will be further evaluated and mined where accessible.