Marda (North Yilgarn)

Ramelius acquired the Marda gold project in February 2019.

The project is an undeveloped gold project located around 130km north of the town of Southern Cross (WA) and 400km north-east of Perth.

Previous 2013 feasibility work by Black Oak Minerals had shown the project could be developed as a standalone operation or as a low-capex operation utilising toll milling of the ore.

The project consists of four nearby pits (Dolly Pot, Dugite, Python and Goldstream) within the Central Marda area and two outlying pits, Golden Orb and King Brown, located 13 and 20km away respectively.

Gold mineralisation is associated with brecciation and pyrite alteration within Banded Iron Formation units, located within a mafic, ultramafic and felsic intrusive and extrusive stratigraphy of the Archaean Marda – Diemals Greenstone Belt.  The deposits are largely within highly weathered rocks to a depth of 40 to 100m and have undergone some degree of supergene concentration.  The deposits are all unmined except for some small scale historic workings at the Dolly Pot deposit.

Previous exploration of the deposits has been undertaken by several companies including Chevron (1980’s), Cyprus Gold, Gondwanna Resources and Savage Resources (1990’s).  Southern Cross Goldfields (renamed as Black Oak Minerals 2014) carried out significant infill drilling in 2011 for resource estimation and the feasibility study.  267 holes for 17,003m were completed and included 43 diamond holes for geological, geotechnical and metallurgical purposes.

As a series of small to moderate size, moderate to high-grade open pits, the project can supply satellite ore streams to the Edna May operation located 190km to the south-west.

Project planning and approvals are largely complete, however Ramelius will carry out revised modelling and refinement before commencement. Mining is planned to commence in mid-2019.